PSAG Technologies, welcomes Biren Chaudhary as Global CEO

Reaping the rewards of digitalisation and digital transformation with PSAG Technologies

For businesses of all sizes, joining the digitalisation revolution may be a daunting prospect. Lack of internal skills and aversion to change can impede digital transformation initiatives and threaten an organisation’s relevance. PSAG Technologies — a vibrant professional services and IT consulting company founded in 2016 — helps technology and business leaders plan and execute transformation strategies that create opportunities and generate efficiencies. 

Despite being comparatively new, PSAG is carving out a formidable niche helping companies leverage technologies and innovations from some of the world’s leading providers. 

The business has deep capabilities in Salesforce CRM and marketing automation technologies, Microsoft Dynamics business applications, and ServiceNow digital workflow products. PSAG also provides an easily configurable integration solution called “Easy Integrate” that enables customers to integrate any cloud or on-premises application with Salesforce in just four easy steps, with no development effort required. 

PSAG provides technical experience and skill in the technologies powering the post-pandemic organisation — including machine learning, augmented reality and virtual reality, the metaverse, mobility, web applications, integration and more.

Controlling costs effectively

PSAG Technologies is acutely aware that most businesses must complete digital transformation projects within constrained budgets, and structures its offerings to meet this requirement. “We value customers’ money, and we always maximise their opportunities to control their costs,” explains PSAG founder, Sachin Nagi. “We offer a managed services model with offshore and onshore capabilities and present each customer with options around these. 

“Customers also have the flexibility to fine-tune the option they choose, depending on the requirements of their projects at any given stage. For example, they may decide to move from a combination of offshore and onshore work to full offshore once a project matures, to manage cost.”

Working with PSAG enables companies to access proven methodologies and expertise to execute the digital transformation programs they need to thrive in the post-pandemic marketplace.

A unique approach to service delivery

PSAG consultants apply an approach to service delivery unique among professional services and consulting firms. Rather than starting conversations with a pitch, they take time to listen to customers’ needs, goals and business objectives, as well as their technical challenges. This initial interaction acts as a foundation from which PSAG learns from and grows with customers, by understanding their requirements and providing tailored technology solutions. 

Nagi explains that PSAG has clients in various industry verticals that had been looking for a solution which could enhance their Sales, Marketing & Customer experience journey using the Salesforce ecosystem. They were hindered by technical implementations that included a plethora of integration silos for their channel managers, B2B portals and mobile applications.

PSAG’s consultants, working closely with those customers, not only did what was expected — but also increased online booking rates, improved access to data, and boosted responsiveness and efficiency.Sachin Nagi, Founder of PSAG Technologies

Sachin Nagi, Founder of PSAG Technologies

A new CEO to turbocharge growth

The Melbourne-headquartered business has appointed Biren Chaudhary as its Chief Executive Officer to accelerate growth that has already seen expansion into markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom and India. 

Chaudhary is well qualified to drive the company’s global business operations — executing its business strategy, fostering a talented team, and ensuring operational excellence. A seasoned leader with expertise in strategy and execution, the new CEO is experienced in enabling businesses to use innovative technology to drive growth.

He brings his customer-centric diverse skill set, and passion for continuous learning and building great teams, to PSAG.

He will build on the capabilities of a workforce that includes more than 150 + certified consultants that help customers worldwide to — as Biren puts it — “challenge the future”. 

“I am very excited to be joining the PSAG team”, said Chaudhary. “I believe PSAG Technologies has a great business model and highly skilled team that positions it to capitalise on the changing technology environment.

Sachin Nagi, the founder of PSAG Technologies, is an adroit enterprise architect and technologist with more than two decades of experience helping customers to achieve the best business outcomes through their digital transformation.

Sachin truly believes that Biren is the right leader for PSAG Technologies. His extensive technology background and business development skills should help strengthen partnerships, develop strategic alliances and expand international operations.

We are excited about the next leg of PSAG’s journey that will see consistent innovation to strengthen our offerings to better meet our customers’ needs and propel us to the next level.  We will continue to grow, always keeping an eye on the people. Stay tuned!

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