No doubt mobile devices have changed the world and now dominate the lives of individuals all over the world. With their next-gen functionalities such as 5G, AR, VR, 3D they are taking over the lives of humans. But with the advent of mobile technologies, it also becomes imperative to create user-friendly mobile and web apps which are compatible with all kinds of devices, fully functional. Hence it becomes important for business organizations to perform web & mobile app tests to make sure these apps are mobile functional and working smoothly on all kinds of devices.

Keeping that in mind PSAG Technologies offers end to end mobile and web app testing services including Android app testing, iOS app testing.  We at PSAG are one of the best mobile app testing service providers.

Our Testing Services

Functional Testing:

Functional testing is the key element to make sure that developed software is fully functional and glitch-free. Especially in fast-changing world businesses are expected to deliver high-quality applications that are stable in all kinds of environments. PSAG Technologies is an emerging Software Testing service provider with reliable and cost-effective functional testing services.

Compatibility Testing:

Compatibility testing makes sure that developed software or apps works smoothly on all kinds of environments and devices for better user experience.  PSAG Technologies, an emerging software testing company provides quality compatibility testing services to clients across the globe. By leveraging compatibility testing services from PSAG, businesses can reduce their operating costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Performance Testing:

In today’s competitive environment providing web & mobile apps without any performance issues is crucial for every business. Performance testing is an important part of software testing methodology which validates the ability of a web & mobile app to work effectively under both normal and high workload load environments. Hence it is vital for business organizations to invest in performance testing for a glitch-free service. PSAG is an emerging Performance Testing service provider with a proven track record of providing the best performance testing services.

Automation Testing:

As an emerging automation testing provider, we understand the need for test automation services to speed up your release cycles and get your services/products to market faster.  Keeping that in mind PSAG offers a wide range of test automation services to clients all over the world. Our experienced testing experts allow clients to reduce software development costs and increase customer satisfaction. Key tools are: Selenium, Cucumber etc.