Customization of

CRM platform

PSAG Technologist’s experts will setup and customize the CRM platform based on the proposed solution and agreement with the Client. The different activities that will be performed are:

At PSAG Technologies, we don’t accept that customization means compromise. The platform offers tools for “no compromise customizations,” to make it possible to create both fast and easy customizations, as well as deep customizations to meet just about any need. Based on a philosophy of keeping simple things simple and making complex things both possible and accessible, the platform provides two paths to customization success.

Regardless of which path you choose, many of our customers choose both, your customizations will be automatically upgraded when we upgrade our applications, with absolutely no effort on your part.

Organization Setup

Setting up Organizational Role Hierarchy, User Setup, Profile creations/modifications

Page layouts

Page layout creation, assignment


Configuration of Objects, Fields with field level security setup will be done in customization.

Data Migration

Data migration process will be done by experts.

Settings & Rules

Setting up assignment rules, validation rules, workflows, managing sales process and record types

Reports & Dashboard

Customized Reports & Dashboard Settings

Partner Portal

Partner relationship management

Partner relationship management allows companies to maximize the return on their channel investments and increase channel revenues by managing, tracking, and forecasting channel business alongside their direct sales business. It also helps partners sell more effectively, close more business, and achieve greater profits.

You can customize the web portal to show your branding, and you can configure it to meet your functional and security needs, including enabling single sign-on for portals, so your partners have a single log in to access Salesforce. You can also have multiple portals to meet your different requirements for working with partners.


Salesforce Content Management

Salesforce Content helped turn the elusive dream of marketing and sales working hand-in-hand into a reality.

To get the best shot at winning new customers, sales reps can’t be fumbling around for information on products, pricing, and competitors. Salesforce Content provides the exact materials they need, right beside the opportunities they are working in Salesforce. Our search engine recommends the most relevant content based on data from accounts, opportunities, and other records in Salesforce, so deal-specific documents are always at your fingertips.