PSAG Technologies is a leading Salesforce Implementation Partner in Australia and branches in India and USA. PSAG has been transforming business with Salesforce technology since a decade. We focus exclusively on the Salesforce Ecosystem and deliver our services across the entire suite of offerings with our highly experienced Salesforce Certified Consultants. PSAG can streamline your business process and get your business into the cloud with Salesforce so that you can focus on your Strategic Goals & Core Business values and achieve the optimum Sales revenue with optimum utilization of your resources.

System Administration & Customization

Customization, Creation & development Application, Grant Access, Calendar Sharing, Reminders, Manage User, Security Control, Communication Template, Profiles, Role & Queue.

Site Administration, Customization & Implementation

Site Domain Registration & Setup Administration, Site Template, Public Access Management, Trust IP Range Visualforce & Apex Access, Activate & Deactivate.

Email Administration

Email Setting, Email Templates, Mass Email, Email Template Folder, Organization Wide Default Email Settings &
Email Attachments.

Batch & Schedule Process

Batch jobs using Apex, Job Schedule,
Manipulate data in Batch,
Load Running Process.

Monitoring Management

Debug Log, Apex Job, Schedule Job,
Bulk Data Load Jobs,
Time based Workflow.

Content Management

Content Workspace, Content, Documents, Files, Subscription, Tags, Content Feed, Featured Content, Private and Public Content, Chatter Files.

Sales Cloud, Service Cloud & Market Cloud

Campaigns and Leads, Opportunity and Quotes, Accounts and Contacts, Cases, Analytics and forecasting, Contact center, Social communities, Customer portal, Partners, Partner Portal.

Database Management

Data Loader, Excel Connector, Upload Bulk Data, Mass update/ Delete, Data Export & Import, Easy to use wizard, Reusable Maps, Command Line Interface & scheduling.

Workflow and Approval Process

Create and manage workflow rules, manage approval processes, define the tasks to be assigned by workflow, Email Alerts, Field Update, Outbound Message, and Publish Action.

Deployment Management

Ant Migration Tool, Continuous Integration, Outbound Change Set, Inbound Change Set, Deployment Connection, Validate and Upload, Synching and Deploy using Eclipse.

Chatter Management

Manage Chatter Settings, customize field tracking in your feed, Manage Chat for Chatter Users, Email Notification, and Approval Post.

Article Management

Article Type, Article Action, Data Category,
Data Subcategory, Data Category Visibility,
Public group, knowledge Article by Language. Platform Development

Standard Objects & Custom Objects, Apps, Reports, Tabs, Apex, Visualforce, Trigger, Component, Web-Services, Packages, Custom Labels & Custom Settings.

Security Administration & Sharing Management

Organization Wide Default, Security & Sharing Setting, Field Accessibility, Network Access, SSO Settings, Remote Site Setting & Access, Permission setting by Roles & Profiles. API (Rest API, Bulk API, Meta Data API, SOAP API)

Rest API with Ubiquitous access, Standards-based security, Data model and Flexible Formats, Bulk API for heavy data handling, Meta Data API and Soap API.

Packages & AppExchange

Managed Package and Unmanaged Package, Security Review, Private and Public Folder in AppExchange, Publish the Application in AppExchange.

Translation Workbench

Language Setting,
Translate Override,
Export and Import.


JSON Web Services, Event Handling, Animating,
AJAX Toolkit for Sync/ Async. Calls.