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Gone are the days, when setting up an Integration was a cumbersome task and there is no such product available by which Salesforce can be integrated with zero dev efforts. Perhaps, first time ever in the history, SFIntegrate which is one of the Salesforce Native applications, has made this possible to integrate any cloud-based application with salesforce with Zero dev efforts. SFIntegrate, a Salesforce Native application is tailored for small to large enterprise customers, who are struggling to integrate their application with salesforce.

SFIntegrate is a lightning ready Salesforce App. It neither requires any middleware nor even a single line code for an integration. IT emphasises Streamlined and seamless near real-time integration of any external application with salesforce.

With SFIntegrate any cloud application can be integrated with Salesforce via REST-based APIs in just 4 easy steps based on point and click configuration and with almost zero development efforts. Yes, it’s true, “NO or ZERO DEVELOPMENT EFFORTS ARE REQUIRED TO CONFIGURE AN INTEGRATION.”

SFIntegrate facilitates an integration process which is usually taken care of by middleware or heavy code-base and requires integration specialists with a huge cost. With the help of SFIntegrate, the entire integration process can now be initiated within Salesforce and can be carried out by system administrators or functional consultants who have no knowledge of code.

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What We Offer with SFIntegrate

SFIntegrate gives you everything you need to integrate any third-party application with salesforce.

  • Integrate and sync data of any 3rd-Party application with salesforce
  • Integrate any third-party apps with Salesforce faster than ever 
  • Stops bad quality data before it ever enters your systems 
  • Have confidence that your data is well-governed, reducing risk for your business
  • Robust, scalable, reliable and extensible integration
  • No Development efforts required for an integration


  • Seamless connectivity across the enterprise: Enable data exchange between Salesforce and multiple enterprise applications on cloud like, MYOB, Quickbooks, Sugar CRM, ZOHO, etc.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): The SFIntegrate Knowledge Modules are easy to deploy and can be maintained with non-dev skills.
  • Usability: Easily configure integration solution through drag & drop features and wizard driven configuration interface and mappings.
  • Reliability: Robust error handling features to easily identify and rectify system issues.
  • Zero Development: With SFIntegrate, Integration can be done with almost zero development efforts.
  • Near Real-time integration: Near Real-time data sync and transformations among enterprise applications.


  • Cloud based Integration
  • Secure connection to third party cloud and authentication via – No Auth, Basic, Bearer, OAuth 2.0 etc.
  • Support for Synchronous and Asynchronous near Real-Time bi-directional integration.
  • Support for standard and custom objects.
  • Integration based on REST API with supported operations (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE)
  • Easy to manage configuration wizard
  • Robust error handling
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