What is Flow Orchestrator and How does it work?

Orchestrator is a new product that orchestrates multiple flows to enable sophisticated business processes to be built without code. Orchestrator is generally available and is available to try on all orgs. In other words, we can say that the automated arrangement, board, and coordination of PC frameworks, programs, and services is known as orchestration. Orchestration helps IT […]



What is Dynamic Interaction and how does it works

Dynamic Interactions lets admins create applications with components that communicate, and transform based on user interactions, all in the Lightning App Builder UI. It unlocks capabilities for admins that were previously reserved only for developers. In other words, we can say that Dynamic Interactions is used to make Lightning pages more dynamic and interactive. With Dynamic Interactions,[…]



What is the Forecast Category in Salesforce?

A forecast category is the category within the sales cycle to which an opportunity is assigned based on its opportunity stage. The standard forecast categories are Pipeline, Best Case, Commit, Omitted, and Closed What is the Forecast Category in Salesforce? Salesforce offers its users a predictive way to view the future sales movements of their organization. This[…]